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CITB Working at Heights Mock Test 5

CITB test is a test which is used to assess the occupational competency of individuals working in the construction site. It is a multiplechoice question & answer exam. The questions cover topics such as safety, health and environment, construction site procedures and materials. Passing the CITB test is a must requirement for CSCS Card.  Start practicing for your CITB Test today!

You go to use a ladder but you find that the ladder is damage, what should you do ?


Which Statement is true if you want to use a ladder to be able to get access to a scaffolding platform?


If you are working at height and operating a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP), when is it acceptable for someone to use the ground-level controls? 


When trying to clip your lanyard to an anchor point you find the locking device does not work. What should you do?


You want to make sure the ladder you are about to use will be secure and will not have the chance of slipping, how can you do this?


You have to lean over an exposed edge while working at height. How should you wear your safety helmet ?


You are up on a roof that is flat. How can you BEST make sure you will not fall over the side of the roof?


Before a ladder is used, who should check it ?


You want to stop stacked materials from going over the toe boards, how can you best achieve this ?


You are about to use a ladder, at what angle should the ladder be placed ?


Some materials need to be lifted to a platform and a guard rail needs to be removeD. You are not a Scaffolder. Can you remove the rail?


Who can assemble, dismantle or change a tube when you are fitting scaffold ?


Why should you not paint a ladder ?


What should you do if a safety lanyard has damaged stitching ?


You can cross over a fragile roof only if ?


What is the main reason for not allowing debris to gather in safety nets ?


When is it not possible to avoid working above public areas what should be your first consideration ?


At the same time, how many people can use one ladder ?


You are working at height from a cherry picker when the weather becomes very windy. What should your first consideration be?


You have been asked to erect specialist access frames using anchor bolts. Before you start work what should you not do?


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