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CITB Test - Practice 2

Operative CITB Test

CITB test is a test which is used to assess the occupational competency of individuals working in the construction site. It is a multiplechoice question & answer exam. The questions cover topics such as safety, health and environment, construction site procedures and materials. Passing the CITB test is a must requirement for CSCS Card.  Start practicing for your CITB Test today!

Amie has finished with her work for the day. What should she do now?


A CO2 extinguisher should not be used on which type of fire?


John cuts his finger while working at construction site. What should he do?


John has been told to start work immediately on his new job. What should John do next?


When using a ladder what should be the slope or angle of the ladder?


Pedestrians are most likely to get injured by a vehicle on site when the vehicle is ___.


You are working on a flat roof. What is the best way to stop yourself falling over the edge?


When digging you find a run of yellow plastic marker tape. What does it mean?


Lee is working in a client’s house. Work is not yet complete but he needs to go home. What should Lee do?


Which of the following species of animal is the most likely carrier of Weil’s disease (leptospirosis) on construction sites?


If there is a fire you will need to go the site assembly point. How would you expect to find out where this is?


RIDDOR is a health and safety term related to:


The site supervisor arranges a tool box talk on asbestos. John has had asbestos training before. What should he do?


A recommended ways to protect your hearing are?


Your employer must supply you with personal protective equipment (PPE)


Exposure to which of the following may not result in lung disease?


What is the main reason for having a person positioned immediately outside a confined space whilst work is taking place inside it?


This is a behavioural case study example (it’s just an example of what a question will look like). Mark’s about to start his first day on the job, when he arrives the site is completely empty. He should:


What should you do if you see a mobile plant using a route designated for pedestrians?


Do all types of gloves protect hands against chemicals?


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