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CITB Test - Practice 23

Operative CITB Test

CITB test is a test which is used to assess the occupational competency of individuals working in the construction site. It is a multiplechoice question & answer exam. The questions cover topics such as safety, health and environment, construction site procedures and materials. Passing the CITB test is a must requirement for CSCS Card.  Start practicing for your CITB Test today!

What are TWO safety features that all footwear on site must have? Give TWO answers


A material has been sent to the laboratory for asbestos testing. What should be done in the meantime? Give ONE answer


Where must you NOT use a mobile elevating work platform? Give ONE answer


Where MUST a risk assessment be conducted for the risk of falling from height? Give ONE answer


Which is the safest way getting in and out of an excavation? Give ONE answer


When tiling a roof, your helmet falls to the ground. What is the correct course of action? Give ONE answer


You are about to begin drilling again after lunch, and see paint cans have been left open in your area. What risk should you be aware of? Give ONE answer


You have spilled some solvent. What should you do? Give ONE answer


Using a foam (cream) extinguisher is an example of what? Give ONE answer


Which fire extinguisher should be used when conducting hot works? Give ONE answer


You are doing construction work in a residential area. What is the MAIN measure you might use to protect the public from falling objects? Give ONE answer


Your colleague has fallen from a building, and is suspended from their safety harness. Rescue is slow to arrive. What is ONE major health risk they may face? Give ONE answer


All masks should have: Give ONE answer


What will indicate that you are suffering from work-related ill health? Give ONE answer


What is the BIGGEST risk when a service is struck during work? Give ONE answer


Who is responsible for training and informing workers at height so they can operate safely? Give ONE answer


What is the status of asbestos use in the UK? Give ONE answer


A liquid is highly flammable if: Give ONE answer


What is your responsibility as a worker when it comes to acquiring hot work permits? Give ONE answer


What should you do upon hearing the fire alarm? Give ONE answer


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