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CITB Test - Practice 13

Operative CITB Test

CITB test is a test which is used to assess the occupational competency of individuals working in the construction site. It is a multiplechoice question & answer exam. The questions cover topics such as safety, health and environment, construction site procedures and materials. Passing the CITB test is a must requirement for CSCS Card.  Start practicing for your CITB Test today!

What should you do if there is a large fire on-site and you have not been trained to use a fire extinguisher ?


Which voltage can cause sever injury or death ?


What is the main purpose of a fire extinguisher ?


What is the best method for minimizing dust at a work site?


When should you report a health and safety concern to your supervisor ?


Which of these could be used to verify that a signaller is trained and competent?


When referring to ladders, which out of these four statements is NOT true?


What would you do if you notice a live electrical wire fall into a puddle of water ?


What should you do if you discover a quicker, but different way of working as described in the method statement ?


What’s the main purpose of a risk assessment ?


What should you do if you need to lift a load which blocks your front view?


How can you reverse hearing damage that was caused by long-term noise exposure?


If a site vehicle is driving well above the speed limit on site, you should ___.


You have to carry out a job that requires flammable liquid, how much flammable liquid should you take from the stores ?


Who is responsible for reporting unsafe working conditions on a building site ?


Why must workers sign in when entering a site ?


What do fire extinguishers with a Cream colour band contain ?


What should you do if you need to use a power tool and the guard is missing ?


You’re about to carry out a job which requires a hot-work permit, you must ensure____. (Choose 2 answers)


Which of these best describes a “tool box talk” ?


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