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CITB Test - Practice 11

Operative CITB Test

CITB test is a test which is used to assess the occupational competency of individuals working in the construction site. It is a multiplechoice question & answer exam. The questions cover topics such as safety, health and environment, construction site procedures and materials. Passing the CITB test is a must requirement for CSCS Card.  Start practicing for your CITB Test today!

Which activity could create the biggest risk for lead poisoning in a situation where control measures are not in place?


Who is responsible for recording an injury in the accident book?


If you need to hand dig near any electrical underground services you must use:


What could happen to a worker’s health if warning signs regarding hazardous substances are not followed?


You’re working with a new chemical/substance and you start to feel ill, what should you do?


Which statement below is TRUE when it comes to using gloves while handling chemicals?


Methane gas is very dangerous in confined spaces because: (choose 2 answers)


Are you responsible for helping to reduce the amount of waste created on-site?


You should tell your employer if you have contracted Weil’s disease on site because:


Which of these must you do if you’re required to use an extension cable? (Choose 2 answers)


TWO simple but effective ways of saving energy and reducing harmful emissions on site are ___ and ___. (Choose 2 answers)


You have to work with hazardous substances, what should your employer check regularly?


Wearing a safety helmet in hot weather can be uncomfortable, which of these is TRUE about wearing a safety helmet in hot weather?


What should you do if a Health and Safety Executive inspector asks you about a recent accident you witnessed?


Should hand tools such as saws, hammers, screwdrivers and wire cutters be inspected?


Which statement about evacuation routes is true?


Which of these must you do if you need to run an electrical cable across an area used by vehicles? (Choose 2 answers)


Which of these is true about using gloves while handling chemicals?


Who should provide the first aid box at your worksite?


What TWO things can you do to obtain information about your site emergency procedures? (Choose 2 answers)


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